Coarse Crusher
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Coarse Crusher

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Product Description

Coarse Crusher

Scope of application

The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. It can be used to process hard and hard materials, including plastics and tree roots. It can also be used as the configuration equipment for the previous process of micro grinding.


The horizontal structure is adopted. The main shaft is supported by rolling bearing. 12 moving knives are installed on the shaft. There is a fixed knife in the casing. The moving knife rotates rapidly in the casing to cut the material quickly to achieve the purpose of crushing. The material is fed into the crushing chamber by the feed hopper, and the rotary knife and fixed knife stab the crushing chamber to cut and crush the material, and the material automatically flows to the discharge port.

The machine adopts vertical crushing mechanism, which is not limited by viscosity and hardness of materials. For any material can play a better crushing effect.

Technical Parameter:




Grain size of feed (mm)



Grain size of discharge (mesh)



Yield (kg/h)



Power (kw)



Spindle speed (rpm)



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