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What is a hollow paddle dryer?

Wedge-shaped  hollow paddle dryer are densely arranged on the hollow shaft, and the heat medium flows through the blades through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area in the unit effective volume is large, and the temperature of the heat medium ranges from - 40 ℃ to 320 ℃. It can be steam or liquid: such as hot water, heat transfer oil, etc. Indirect conduction heating does not carry air to take away heat. Heat is used to heat materials. The heat loss is only the heat dissipation to the environment through the insulation layer of the body. The heat transfer surface of wedge blade has self-cleaning function. The relative movement between the material particles and the wedge-shaped surface produces a washing effect, which can wash away the attached materials on the wedge-shaped surface and keep a clean heat transfer surface during operation. The shell of the paddle dryer is W-shaped, and two to four hollow mixing shafts are generally arranged in the shell. The shell is provided with a sealing end cover and an upper cover to prevent the leakage of material dust and collect material solvent vapor. A baffle plate is set at the discharge port to ensure the height of the material level and make the heat transfer surface covered by materials to give full play to its role. The heat transfer medium flows through the shell jacket and hollow mixing shaft through the rotary joint. The hollow mixing shaft has different internal structures according to the type of heat medium, so as to ensure good heat transfer effect. The blade made by our company adopts special structure, and the thermal efficiency is 30% higher than that of ordinary blade dryer.

Wedge shaped  hollow paddle dryer can indirectly heat or cool paste, granular, powdery and paddle materials, and can complete unit operations such as drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, low-temperature calcination and so on. The special wedge-shaped stirring heat transfer paddle in the equipment has high heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning function of heat transfer surface.

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