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What are the components of hollow paddle dryer?

The hollow paddle dryer is mainly composed of transmission mechanism, box, main shaft mixing, bearing body, rotary joint and other components.

1. Power transmission part: mainly composed of motor, reducer, driving gear, driven gear, inter shaft gear, etc. Its main function is to transmit the power of the motor to the mixing part of the main shaft to make it operate within the rated speed range. It can also select frequency conversion speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation configuration for variable speed operation according to the requirements of users.

2. Main shaft mixing part: it is mainly composed of two hollow shafts and several wedge-shaped hollow blades on its surface. A return pipe for heat transfer (heating or cooling) media (steam, water, oil, etc.) is set in the hollow shaft, and the rotary joints configured at both ends or single end are the inlet and outlet interfaces of these media. During operation, the mixing part of the main shaft stirs, pushes and heats or cools the materials.

3. Bearing body: two bearing bodies are configured at both ends of the main shaft, which are composed of bearing, bearing seat, bearing cover, sealing packing, packing gland, maintenance cover, etc. The power end is equipped with two main and auxiliary bearing bodies. The main bearing body is the main support point of the main shaft and serves as the positioning point for axial movement. The auxiliary bearing body is set to prevent excessive deformation of the shaft head. In addition to providing the bearing point of the main shaft, the bearing body at the non power end can expand and contract freely. Each bearing body is provided with a bearing cooling structure

4. Auxiliary equipment: heating system, cyclone separator, water film dust collector, conveying equipment, silo, etc.

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