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The Influence of Temperature on Spray Dryer


The spray dryer has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high product purity and good quality. The production process is simplified, the operation control is convenient, no crushing and screening are required after drying, the production process is reduced, and the product purity is improved.

Spray Dryer

The influence of the drying temperature of the spray dryer
In the use of the spray dryer, it is very important to determine the temperature of the drying hot air entering the tower and the outlet temperature. The exhaust temperature is related to the moisture content of the product and should be determined according to the allowable moisture of the product. The higher the hot air temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency and the better the economy. However, too high hot air temperature will cause product quality deterioration, so the hot air temperature must be appropriately increased under the premise of ensuring product quality. The hot air temperature of the spray dryer will have a significant impact on the bulk density of the product. High-temperature hot air tends to produce low bulk density. This is due to the rapid drying effect of hot air, which hardens the surface of the particles and expands the residual moisture, which promotes the formation of balloon-shaped hollow particles. If high bulk density is required, or solid particles are required, high-temperature hot air should not be used in the design to contact the newly formed droplets.