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Method of Regulating and Controlling Vacuum Dryer


Control method of vacuum dryer:

1. Before debugging, we need to close the door of the vacuum drying cabinet, tighten the door handle, then close the air release valve and open the vacuum valve. Of course, the switch of the vacuum valve may be tight for one use and it can be rotated forcefully. We can use the attached accessories to connect the vacuum pipe, firmly connect the vacuum drying suction pipe and the vacuum pump.

2. When the vacuum pump power is turned on, it is necessary to start pumping. First, close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power to prevent the oil in the vacuum pump from flowing back into the working chamber. At this time, the inside of the vacuum dryer is in a vacuum state.

3. Turn on the power of the vacuum dryer first, then its power light will light up and perform a self-check, and then it will indicate that it has entered the state at this time. Set the temperature of the vacuum dryer. When the temperature in the set machine is close to the specified temperature, the heating starts to enter the adjustment stage. It is normal that the measured temperature of the instrument exceeds the set temperature and the elongation is also lower than the set temperature. Therefore, if the temperature is already close to or equal to the set temperature when measuring the temperature, it can almost enter a constant temperature state after another 1-2 hours. If the required temperature is relatively low, you can use the second setting method to let it enter the constant temperature state as soon as possible.

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