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Structure of Flash Dryer


Structure of Flash Dryer

1. The bottom of the flash dryer is designed with a tapered section to establish a velocity gradient of air. The velocity of the empty tower from bottom to top gradually slows down, and finally a certain value of axial velocity is formed. Under the dual action of rotating airflow and stirring and crushing, it promotes the gas-solid contact of the large particles at the bottom and accelerates the drying.

2. The hot air rotates at a high speed from the annular bottom gap and enters the bottom of the dryer. The bottom gap is set up on the inverted cone of the plenum, and the stirring blade can extend to the bottom of the plenum to prevent rabbits from entering the plenum to seal the air inlet and annulus to form a dead angle.

3. The outer wall of the gas collecting chamber is a spiral line, which gradually becomes smaller due to the cut of the inner chamber, which promotes the rotation of hot air and enters along the annular bottom gap to eliminate the dead angle at the bottom. Double air duct technology is also used. The effect is the same.

4. Set up a grading ring, with which the size of the finished material particles can be controlled.

5. The double screw feeding method is adopted to make high-viscosity paste-like and filter cake-like materials uniformly enter the dryer, and at the same time, it has a certain crushing effect on larger particles.

Flash Dryer