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Advantages of Hollow Paddle Dryer


Features of hollow paddle dryer

1. The main heat transfer component of the hollow blade dryer is the shovel-shaped blades. These blades are densely arranged and arranged on a fixed rotating shaft at a specified interval, so the heat transfer per unit volume is relatively high. For this reason, this equipment has a very compact structure and a small footprint.

2. Because the raw materials are well continuously mixed and stirred, due to the relatively rotating shovel-shaped blade and the inclined blade surface, as well as the heating and cooling of the body, it is ensured that all surfaces in contact with the product can transfer heat evenly.

3. Since the movement of the blades is relative rotation, they play a continuous self-cleaning effect on the nearby inner surface. Products that are bonded to each other and accumulated on the blades can be removed and re-enter the production process.

4. The drying process and residence time can be simply checked, controlled and adjusted. They can be individually set and adjusted according to the physical properties of the product to be dried, and the number of shafts or blades, the speed, the temperature of the heat transfer body, and the drying time can be set and adjusted.

5. Since the gas flow used in the drying process is very small, the dust and odor that can be generated are also very small. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner or deodorizer used with it is also very small or does not need to be used at all.

6. Due to the use of paddle-type drying elements and continuous mixing and stirring, it can dry materials with high viscosity and high humidity. Its structural design avoids the accumulation of products in dead corners and the overheating or corruption caused by product accumulation.

Hollow Paddle Dryer