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Advantages of Sludge Paddle Dryer


Advantages of sludge paddle dryer in sludge drying

1. The design of the shaft, blades and barrel sections of the sludge blade dryer is compact and effective. The indoor space market share is low, and the shaft and blades can conduct heat. The total area of the volume heat conduction blade dryer of the dryer is large. , Dry faster;

2. The shaft rotates at a uniform speed, the raw materials are evenly mixed, the dryness range is uniform, and the material particle size distribution is uniform;

3. The quality of the hot material paddle dryer can be reused many times;

4. The Sludge Paddle Dryer plan, according to the adjustment of the speed ratio, the steps and the drying time, the actual effect of the sludge drying can be adjusted to obtain the final moisture content of the different blade dryer plan;

5. The sludge paddle dryer has high thermal efficiency;

6. Dry particulate matter fitness exercises have strong periodicity and less damage to components. It is a machine and equipment suitable for sludge drying.

Sludge Paddle Dryer