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Features of Fluidized Bed Dryer


The fluidized bed dryer adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can reasonably avoid the cross-type environmental pollution of materials and gases.

1. Using symmetric dust collection, customers can get well-balanced  fluidized bed manufacturers and refrigeration products.

2. The fluidized bed dryer has a good adjustment effect, the material is thin and thick, and the moving speed and total vibration amplitude can be adjusted steplessly.

3. The drying equipment basically does not damage the surface of the material, so it is suitable for dry and easily broken materials. Irregular material particles are not easy to harm the actual effect of the work.

4. The fluidized bed dryer has high mechanical energy, high thermal efficiency, and has a very good environmental protection and energy saving effect, and has a higher effect than ordinary dryers.

5. When the dry material has high moisture content or the fluidized bed dryer needs a lot of production, the series connection method can be used to meet user requirements.

Fluidized Bed Dryer