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Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Sludge Paddle Dryer


This article introduces the factors that affect the efficiency of sludge paddle dryers.

1. Quality of mixed leaves

When the mixing leaves in the sludge dryer are destroyed, it will seriously harm the efficiency of the sludge dryer. Since there are no mixing leaves, the sludge of the paddle dryer cannot be moved, and if it cannot be moved, the sludge will be It can't be combined with the heat, so it can't be dry quickly, which reduces the work efficiency.

2. Common faults of sludge paddle dryer

When the dryer has common faults and the internal water vapor cannot be removed, the dry time will increase, or the water vapor will be digested and absorbed by the internal materials again, which will increase the dry time, so it must be in the whole drying process. Check whether the components of the sludge dryer are normal.

3. Rotating speed ratio of dryer

In order to speed up the movement of dry materials to the entrance and exit, some customers adjust the speed ratio of machinery and equipment very low, but this will reduce the frequency of the sludge material in the dryer being thrown up, making the contact between the sludge material and the warm air very difficult. The material is not easy to go back and forth in the drum continuously, which means that the sludge will be driven away quickly, so that the material storage capacity is too low, and the material and warm air will touch under the condition of dynamic and static data. The total area is reduced. This reduces the working efficiency of the sludge paddle dryer.

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