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Ways to Avoid Material Leakage in Flash Dryer


Ways to avoid material leakage in flash dryer

1. The blade structure is updated and transformed into a blade group with a lower side plate structure and a fan-type crushing blade combination at the upper end. That can improve the actual effect of dryness and crushing of raw materials. Viscous raw materials can reduce the sticking to the wall and improve the actual effect of flash dryer pulverization.

2. The flash dryer is improved and installed as a labyrinth sealing device on the inner side of the seal.

3. Install a spacer ring in the middle of the original packing seal chamber. That way, the sealed cavity can be divided into 2 parts. The actual operating pressure of the seal is higher than the working air pressure of the flash memory chip itself, which can prevent the leakage of warm air and raw materials from the labyrinth seal.

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