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Method for Controlling Burner of Hollow Paddle Dryer


Method for controlling burner of Hollow Paddle Dryer

1. For the burner of the Hollow Paddle Dryer, its proportional control produces high flame temperature and efficiency, but it is not suitable for many applications, including low temperature processes. Low temperature processes usually have a turndown ratio of 20 to 1, 30 to 1 or even higher heat dissipation requirements. In the proportional control system, the burner is difficult to operate, the heat output range ratio is greater than 10 to 1, and it is difficult to control the flow rate accurately and repeatably in a wider range.

2. Excessive air control. The problem is that the adjustment of the burner is not easy, and the expensive control system has led to the development of the excess air system. With these systems, the burner is set near the fire or at a high accuracy rate, but it can be used as a throttling low fire operation with more and more excess air. The simple and popular way to do this is to lock the combustion airflow At a fixed speed and change.

3. The air and fuel on the control valve used by the excess air system are used as the low fire into the burner, and the airflow is reduced, but the fuel valve is in such a way that the fuel flow rate drops faster. This change is from High to low.

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