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Solutions to Agglomeration of Sludge Paddle Dryer


The solution when the sludge paddle dryer appears agglomerated

1. To solve the problem of the sludge dryer block, the dryer must be fully reformed. The supply port is made of high-temperature resistant materials to make a large drying plate to initially disperse the sludge to make the sludge easier for the next step. The use of a large drying plate is equivalent to a preliminary Heat, the sludge contacts with the drying plate to absorb heat and evaporate water vapor, reducing the water content

2. A variety of combined lifting and dispersing devices are welded in the drying cylinder of the sludge paddle dryer, which is more complete than the traditional dryer after the transformation of the dryer. The high-speed operation device increases the sludge and hot air. The contact area greatly disperses the sludge.

3. A cleaning device is added in the drying cylinder. This transformation expands the application of the dryer and can not only dry other high-viscosity materials.

4. In order to ensure smooth operation, when starting the motor, make the dryer run without load and run smoothly without abnormal noise. With a speed control device, the speed should be adjusted within the adjustable range. When accelerating, you should slowly check whether the speed control characteristics meet the requirements.

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