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Correct Operation Procedures of Hollow Paddle Dryer


Correct operation procedures of Hollow Paddle Dryer 

1. The Hollow Paddle Dryer  needs to be started in the cranking state every time it is started. Direct start and frequent start are forbidden to reduce the damage to the equipment under heavy load.

2. After the Hollow Paddle Dryer  is installed, check whether all parts of the machine are installed properly, whether the lubricating oil added to the reducer meets the requirements of the reducer, turn the motor fan impeller, and check whether the blade shaft and the barrel wall are not rubbed. Touch, the feed port is unblocked, the discharge port is closed, etc.

3. Cover the motor impeller windshield, start the motor idling, the blade rotation direction needs to meet the specified requirements, and the blade operation without any abnormality, vibration or noise.

4. It is necessary to slowly open the steam inlet valve and the condensate drain valve while the blade shaft is rotating, and slowly pass steam into the jacket and the blade shaft first. The time is controlled at more than 30 minutes, and the pressure reducing valve and safety valve must not be adjusted. The rated pressure is exceeded. When the steam pressure meets the specified requirements and the Hollow Paddle Dryer  is operating normally, wet materials can be evenly poured into the dryer.

5. During the gap operation, the feeding amount is limited to the material submerging the blades. After the specified time is reached, the discharge valve is opened to discharge the material.

6. It is strictly forbidden to entrain blocky hard objects in the wet material to prevent the blocky hard objects from getting stuck between the Hollow Paddle Dryer  blade and the barrel, damaging the blade or barrel, and causing equipment damage and air leakage.

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