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Feed Cleaning and Safety Precautions for Grinder Machine

Grinder Machine feed: confirm the normal operation of the Grinder Machine before feeding. When feeding, first pour the material into the hopper, and gently push the material into the Grinder Machine with a thin stick. Material should not be too large or thick. If abnormal sound is heard in the crushing process, the machine should be shut down immediately for maintenance and restarted after troubleshooting. After feeding, the rotor should be idled for 2-3 minutes to crush and extract all the residual material.

Cleaning of Grinder Machine: Because the material is easy to absorb moisture, after crushing, the hopper and the material on the fuselage should be swept into and out of the bag immediately with a long brush, and the feed part of the Grinder Machine should be opened, and the upper part of the Grinder Machine should be cleaned with wet linen or water. After each cleaning should be reinstalled for backup.

Safety precautions of Grinder Machine:
1. Use the machine in strict accordance with the regulations. Overspeed and overload work are strictly prohibited.
2, after the boot, the operator is not allowed to leave the work, to stand on the side of the machine to work
3, hear abnormal sound or vibration should immediately stop check, do not work with disease.
4. When feeding, the materials should not be inserted too deep. Do not insert your hand directly.
5, when working, it is strictly prohibited to use metal hard objects in the discharge port.