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Suitable for Flash Dryer Dry Materials

Flash Dryer has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and good energy saving technology. Flash Dryer for paste materials can be directly made into powder drying and products through the drying method, saving the pretreatment before drying, drying after crushing, screening and other processes, due to the fast natural drying speed, short material heating time, it is not easy to destroy the components of materials in the drying process, Special management is conducive to the drying of heat-sensitive materials, the drying process is completely closed, no impurities mixed, high service quality of finished products, good operating environment. At present, Flash Dryer has been designed and developed using a variety of models according to different material requirements, and formed a series of cultural products, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mining and other industries of the scope of application ability issues are more and more widely.
Typical Flash Dryer materials are:
Inorganic material, organic matter, pesticide, pigment dye, hard salt series, building materials development mining, food, medicine, ceramics, industrial production waste.