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Daily Maintenance of Spray Dryer

Prohibited Items in The Use of Spray Dryer
1. In the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to open the algae powder collection mouth and investigation hole at the bottom of the Spray Dryer. It is forbidden to remove the safety cover of the equipment during operation or operate under the condition that the safety cover is removed.
2. In the operation of the equipment, there are high-temperature parts and high-speed rotating parts, so do not touch the Spray Dryer in unnecessary circumstances.
3. When stopping the operation of the equipment for protection and repair, it is necessary to open the algae powder collection mouth at the bottom of the Spray Dryer for air exchange, and the power must be turned off, and the protection and repair must be carried out after confirming the surrounding and internal safety.
4. Operators and other operators are not allowed to leave any foreign matter such as repair tools in the equipment when operating the Spray Dryer inside.
Daily maintenance of Spray Dryer
1. Check the reading of each instrument and check that it is normal when starting up every day.
2. Carefully check and maintain all parts of the Spray Dryer every day.
3. Whether the current exceeds the rated value on the motor standard plate.
4. Whether there is abnormal noise or large vibration of the Spray Dryer.
5. Whether the body temperature is too high when working the Spray Dryer.
6. Check whether there is oil leakage and whether the oil level of the oil mark is normal.
7. Check whether the screws in the connecting parts of the Spray Dryer are loose; Whether the chain and belt are loose or loose.
8. Daily cleaning and dust removal of the used machinery according to work requirements.
9. Regularly check and clean the exhaust and air intake pipes of the Spray Dryer.
10. Regularly check whether the bearing and shaft are deformed, whether the machinery is worn and whether it affects the normal operation.
11. Damaged parts should be replaced immediately to avoid the impact on other parts.
12.The surface of the Spray Dryer should not be adhered by other substances.
13. Add and replace lubricating oil and grease regularly.