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Customers visit and negotiate the KJG-100 square sludge paddle dryer

KJG-100 square sludge paddle dryer adopts 90kw motor, which can be designed according to material characteristics. The machine can be equipped with feeding and conveying equipment, blanking and conveying equipment, cyclone separator, water film dust collector, etc. it can be used together with other processes to form a production line design. Accompanied by our technicians, the customer visited the factory and helped the customer answer a series of technical questions according to the actual equipment. Our company has prototype experiment. If you need it, please call!

Paddle dryer is suitable for drying calcium fluoride, electroplating sludge, copper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, domestic sludge, coal sludge, soda ash, kaolin, phosphogypsum, dyes and other materials. It can be cooled.

The device has the advantages of stable operation, low energy consumption and wide material processing range. The heating mode can be steam, heat transfer oil and hot water. In terms of structural design, it can meet the characteristics of site and materials.

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