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Sludge dryer, boxed, set out for Indonesia!

The sludge dryer has been packed today and is leaving for Indonesia! This machine is used for the drying treatment of printing and dyeing sludge. It is equipped with conveying equipment and dust removal equipment. The previous process can adopt screw stacking machine or plate and frame filter press. The sludge can be packaged directly after drying treatment. The initial moisture of the sludge is 80%, and the drying to final moisture is 30%. It can be calculated and selected according to the daily treatment capacity. The material can be made of stainless steel 304 or other stainless steel, According to customers' needs, steam or heat transfer oil can be used as the heating method. The customized sludge dryer in Binda has stable performance, stable production capacity and guaranteed material. It can be used safely!
Sludge dryer kjg-40, motor power: 22KW, fan power: 5.5kW, conveying power:, fan off power: 1.5kw; The total power of this set of equipment is 31.7kw.

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