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Happy National Day! 7000 rake vacuum dryer in production


All staff of Binda drying wish you a happy National Day!


In order to ensure on-time delivery, Binda drying staff used their holidays and worked overtime to make zb-7000 rake vacuum dryer. All the equipment is made of carbon steel and equipped with buffer tank, condenser, conveyor, heating equipment, etc. According to the characteristics of materials, our technicians have helped customers carry out experiments in the early stage, and made technical improvements on the original equipment, so as to achieve the drying effect required by customers.


The main components of the rake vacuum dryer are: cylinder, cylinder end cover, mixing shaft, rotary joint, sealing device, motor reducer, material inlet and outlet, control system, etc,




(1) The equipment has strong adaptability and wide application range. The rake vacuum dryer uses jacket heating and high vacuum exhaust to adapt to materials of different properties and states.


(2) The product quality is good. Due to the continuous positive and negative rotation of the rake teeth during the drying process, the dried materials are stirred evenly to avoid overheating of the materials, moisture is easy to escape, and the shell can get low-temperature products. Due to the fine particle size of the product, it can be packaged without crushing.


(3) The steam consumption is small. Since the vacuum rake dryer mostly uses steam to pass into the jacket and uses latent heat to heat the materials, the steam consumption per kilogram of finished products is small, generally 1.3-1. Kilogram of steam.


(4) According to the different characteristics and requirements of dry materials, the sealing system of the dryer can choose two kinds of packing seal and mechanical seal. The special design ensures the sealing performance and service life.


(5) Easy to operate, rake vacuum dryer is easy to operate and low labor intensity.


Changzhou Binda drying and granulation equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, design and production of drying, granulation, mixing and crushing equipment. The product has stable performance and can be used with different production lines. If there is technical demand, welcome to negotiate with our company!