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The Φ3000 disc continuous dryer was successfully started up and fed!

The Φ3000 disc continuous dryer at a customer in Shandong was successfully started up! Thank you for your cooperation, and thank our installation and commissioning staff for their efforts!
This set of disc continuous dryers includes the host, feeding system, dust removal system, control system, heating system; if you need to discuss the disc continuous dryer with Binda drying technicians, please provide material parameters and characteristics, and you can come to the factory Experiment so that we can better serve you!

Tray type continuous dryer is a conductive type continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle determine that it has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, and good operating environment. It is widely used in chemicals, medicine, pesticides, food, feed, and agriculture. Drying operations in industries such as by-product processing.
The disc continuous dryer manufactured by Binda Drying has three types: atmospheric pressure, airtight, and vacuum. The type can be selected according to your technical requirements. Different materials can be selected, and various auxiliary equipment can be matched to meet the needs of users for various materials. The need for drying.

working principle
Wet materials are continuously added to the drying plate on the upper layer of the dryer from the feeder, and the rake arm with rake blades rotates to make the rake arm rotate so that the rake leaves continuously dig the material. The material flows through the surface of the drying plate along an exponential spiral. The material on the small drying plate is moved to the outer edge, and falls on the outer edge to the outer edge of the large drying plate below. On the large drying plate, the material moves in and falls from the middle. The material opening falls into the following small drying plate. The large and small drying trays are arranged alternately up and down, so that the material can continuously flow through the entire dryer. A heating medium is introduced into the hollow drying plate. The heating medium is in the form of saturated steam, hot water and heat-conducting oil. The heating medium enters from one end of the drying plate and exits from the other end. Dried materials fall from the upper drying plate to the bottom layer of the shell, and then are moved to the discharge port by the harrows for discharge. The moisture escapes from the material and is discharged from the moisture drain port on the top cover.

The moisture of the vacuum disc dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port on the top cover. The dry materials discharged from the bottom layer can be directly packaged. By adding finned heater, solvent recovery condenser, bag filter, dry material backmixing mechanism, induced draft fan and other auxiliary equipment, it can improve its drying production capacity. Dry paste and heat sensitive materials can be easily recovered Solvent, and can perform pyrolysis and reaction operations.