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Work together! The 100 square paddle dryer is completed!

KJG-100 square paddle dryer power: 90kw, reducer ZQ series, material contact stainless steel 304 production, supporting conveyor, cyclone separator, water film dust collector, fan, control system, etc.
Changzhou Binda Drying and Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd. produces paddle dryers of different models and specifications. The equipment is widely used and the quality is guaranteed. Our technicians can make non-standard customization according to material characteristics, site requirements, etc.
The characteristics of the paddle dryer: stable operation, low energy consumption, wide operation range, and low environmental pollution. It can be used in conjunction with other equipment to form a production line.
The paddle dryer can indirectly heat or cool paste, granular, powder, and slurry materials, and can complete unit operations such as drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, and low-temperature combustion. The special wedge-shaped stirring heat transfer blade in the equipment has a higher heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning function of the heat transfer surface.

Binda is dry, looking forward to working with you!