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The classification of the air dryer

According to the operating pressure, air dryers are divided into atmospheric air dryers and vacuum air dryers. Operating under vacuum can reduce the moisture vapor partial pressure of the space and accelerate the drying process, and can reduce the moisture boiling point and material drying temperature. The steam is not easy to leak out. Therefore, vacuum air dryers are suitable for drying with heat sensitivity, easy oxidation Occasions where explosive and toxic materials and wet steam need to be recovered;

According to the heating mode, air dryers are divided into convection type, conduction type, radiation type, dielectric type and so on. Convective air dryer, also known as direct air dryer, uses hot drying medium to directly contact with wet materials to transfer heat by convection and take away the generated steam; Conductive air dryer, also known as indirect air dryer, uses the conduction method to transfer heat from the heat source to the wet material through the metal partition wall. The generated wet steam can be removed by decompression suction, introducing a small amount of purge gas or condensing on the surface of a separately set low-temperature condenser. This kind of air dryer does not use drying medium, with high thermal efficiency and no pollution of products, but its drying capacity is limited by the heat transfer area of metal wall and its structure is complex, so it is often operated under vacuum; Radiant air dryer uses various radiators to emit electromagnetic waves in a certain wavelength range, which are selectively absorbed by the surface of wet materials and then transformed into heat for drying; Dielectric air dryer uses high-frequency electric field to dry wet materials with thermal effect.

According to the movement mode of wet material, the air dryer can be divided into fixed bed type, stirring type, spray type and combined type. According to the structure, the air dryer can be divided into air dryer, conveyor air dryer, drum type air dryer, vertical air dryer, mechanical stirring air dryer, rotary air dryer, fluidized bed air dryer, air flow dryer, vibrating air dryer, spray air dryer. And combined air dryer.