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120 square uniaxial disc dryer in production

120 square uniaxial disc dryer, the material contact is made of stainless steel 304, and the rest is made of carbon steel. This set of equipment is used for sludge drying. Binda drying has improved the technology of the original equipment, and the equipment is durable and stable in operation.
The single-shaft disc dryer consists of a jacketed end face with a circular shell, an upper cover, a hollow shaft with blades, end covers at both ends, a rotary joint through which the medium passes, a metal hose and a transmission including a sprocket. Organization and other components.
The core of the equipment is a hollow shaft and hollow stirring disc blades welded to the shaft. A hollow disk in the shape of a circle, which can pass through the heating medium. In addition to stirring, it is also the heat transfer body of the equipment. The two main heat transfer sides of the blade are inclined, so when the material is in contact with the inclined plane, with the rotation of the blade, the particles quickly slide away from the inclined plane, so that the heat transfer surface is continuously updated and the heat transfer is strengthened. There are scrapers and push plates at the bottom of the paddle to scrape up the materials deposited on the bottom of the shell to prevent dead corners.
The arrangement of the paddles and the size of each part have certain requirements, and in addition to the paddles in the feeding area, drying area, and discharging area, there are additional auxiliary mechanisms to ensure the stable operation of the whole machine and uniform drying. In addition, the residence time can be adjusted.

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