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Export equipment, KJG-20 slime dryer has been completed

The coal slime dryer adopts double-blade dryer, and the material contact is made of stainless steel 304. It is equipped with cyclone separator, water film dust collector, fan, control system, etc. The product is in trial operation and leaves the factory.
The dryer has low energy consumption: due to indirect heating, uniform stirring, high thermal efficiency, no contamination of materials, good drying effect, no large amount of air to carry away heat, and the outer wall of the dryer is provided with a thermal insulation layer, so the heat loss is very small.
Features of slime dryer (double paddle dryer):
1. The cost of the dryer system is low: there is a huge heat transfer surface per unit of effective volume, which shortens the processing time, reduces the size of the equipment, and reduces the floor space.
2. Wide range of materials to be processed: Different heat media can be used to process both heat-sensitive materials and materials that require high temperature treatment. The speed of the blade shaft is low, which does not damage the shape and properties of the product. The blade shafts can mesh with each other and have self-cleaning properties. It can prevent the material from sticking to the wall
3. Small environmental pollution: the amount of air carried is very small, and the entrainment of dust materials is very small.
4. Low operating cost.

5. Stable operation: Due to the special compression-expansion stirring effect of the wedge-shaped blade, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer area. In the axial range, the temperature, humidity, mixing temperature and gradient of the material are very small, so as to ensure process stability.