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Maintenance of Air Dryers

An air dryer is a mechanical device that heats the moisture (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) in the material to vaporize  to obtain solid materials with a specified moisture content. In the process of using air dryers, they also need regular maintenance, so how to maintain air dryers regularly?
 FG Pulse Air Dryer
(1) Observe and record the instrument value 4 times per shift.
(2) The refrigerating machine should always observe the drainage and sewage system.
(3) Always observe the inlet temperature of the cooling water system and the compressed air system.
(4) Regularly observe the refrigeration system.
(5) Check the electrical control system: blow off the dust and fasten the terminals (must be done without electricity).
(6) Appearance maintenance:regularly wipe the oil and dust on the surface of the equipment with a clean towel. Remove the dust and oil on the floor of the installation of air dryers and air compressors, and keep the environment clean and tidy.