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Sodium sulfate drying vibrating fluidized bed dryer

Working principle of sodium sulfate drying vibrating fluidized bed dryer:

The material enters the machine from the feed inlet. Under the action of vibration force, the material is thrown along the horizontal direction and moves forward continuously. The hot air passes upward through the fluidized bed to exchange heat with the wet material. The wet air is discharged from the exhaust outlet after dedusting by the cyclone separator, and the dry material is discharged from the exhaust outlet.

Features of vibrating fluidized bed dryer:

1. The material is heated evenly, the heat exchange is sufficient, and the drying intensity is high, which saves about 30% energy compared with the ordinary dryer.

2. The vibration source is driven by vibration motor, which has the advantages of stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long service life.

3. The fluidization is stable without dead angle and blow through. The form and rate of bed opening are very important. The final moisture and output can be controlled by amplitude and feeding amount.

4. Good adjustability and wide adaptability.

5. It has little damage to the material surface and can be used for drying fragile materials. When the material particles are irregular, it will not affect the working effect. Obviously better than fluidized bed

6. The fully enclosed structure effectively prevents the cross pollution between materials and air, and the working environment is clean.

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