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Maintenance of vibrating fluidized bed dryer

1. Sweep

Regularly open the observation window and the accumulated material discharge outlet to remove the materials and materials remaining on the fluidized bed board

Materials falling into the box. If the fluidized bed mesh plate is blocked, it shall be handled. During water washing, the equipment shall be dried in time after washing to remove water, so as to avoid equipment corrosion and affect the next material treatment effect.

2. The vibrating motor shall be regularly maintained and lubricated.

3. Check the working condition of the vibration isolation rubber spring. When the vibration isolation spring is aged and cracked or the installation height is lower than 105mm, it shall be replaced. In addition, in case of low installation height or aging and cracking, all vibration isolation springs shall be replaced together, and the free height error of each group of rubber springs shall not be greater than 3mm.

Method of replacing rubber spring:

The rubber spring must be replaced together. In addition, only one method can be used for replacement. During the replacement, the center of gravity of the machine body must be kept balanced when lifting to push the top. For example, the lifting amount of the jack remains the same, and it shall be replaced under the condition of minimum torque.

The replacement of rubber spring must be strictly inspected. The free height is the same height group based on H = 130mm.

matters needing attention:

When replacing the vibration isolation rubber by pushing and lifting, the jacking (pulling) height on one side of the machine shall ensure that the dryer body will not overturn.

4. Replace the soft connecting pipe:

When the soft connecting pipe is damaged, it shall be replaced to avoid the fluctuation of air volume and affecting the material treatment effect. When replacing, refer to the installation instructions for the reinstallation method.

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