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Working principle of vibrating fluidized bed dryer

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer, referred to as vibrating fluidized bed for short, is a new fluidization drying equipment suitable for the drying of granular and powdery materials. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Drying principle of vibrating fluidized bed: the blower filters the ambient air through the primary and medium efficiency air filters, heats it to the set temperature through the steam heat exchanger, and then enters the bottom of the fluidized bed through the pipeline as the heat source for material fluidization and drying. The wet material enters the bed plate (perforated plate) in the machine from the feed inlet of the upper box. Under the excitation force of the vibration motor on both sides of the fluidized bed, the material is thrown forward in a horizontal direction and moves continuously. The hot air passes upward through the bed plate (perforated plate) and contacts with the wet material. The wet material is suspended in the hot air, producing a mixed bed of material particles and hot air, which is like liquid boiling, and carries out heat transfer and moisture transfer between the material and hot air, Under the action of the induced draft fan, the hot air after heat exchange carries water vapor and fine material particles, which are discharged from the air outlet of the induced draft fan after dedusting by the cyclone separator and bag filter.

After the material is dried, it continues to move forward. The cold air is used at the bottom of the fluidized bed, and a partition is made in the lower box of the fluidized bed to distinguish the cold air from the hot air. After the material contacts the cold air, the cold and heat exchange is carried out, and the material temperature is reduced to achieve the required effect. Then it is discharged from the discharge port, and the dust collector and induced draft fan are shared with the drying section.

When the material is thrown forward continuously on the bed plate (perforated plate), a small part of fine particles will fall from the orifice plate to the bottom plate in the fluidized bed. The bottom plate is parallel to the bed plate (perforated plate). Under the action of vibration force, the material will be thrown forward continuously along the horizontal direction and discharged automatically from the ash cleaning port of the fluidized bed floor.

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer is widely used for drying powdery and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mineral and other industries.

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