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What are the main components of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer?

1. Upper box

-The upper box separates the drying area from the atmosphere to prevent environmental pollution caused by dust leakage. The size of the upper half is larger than that of the lower half, so the wind speed in the upper part is smaller than that in the lower part, which is conducive to particle sedimentation, reduce the entrainment of dust, reduce the dust collection of the dust collector, and discharge less dust into the atmosphere, which is more environmentally friendly.
-The top and tail arc structure of the upper box body has good manufacturing stiffness, easy grinding and polishing inside, good finish and no dust adhesion.
-The upper box is usually a thin-walled structure with a thickness of about 3mm. In order to prevent large elastic vibration of the side wall, the external part shall be welded with stiffeners.
-The upper box is provided with air outlets for air exhaust. Considering the strength of the upper box, it is generally made into a circular shape, and 4-6 air outlets are generally made according to the size of the fluidized bed.
-The upper box is equipped with a quick loading mirror, which is used to observe the dry state of materials, and can also take into account the role of hand holes.
-The upper box is equipped with a quick access port, which is convenient for quick opening and closing.

-One end of the upper box body is provided with a feeding port, and the feeding port is provided with a valve plate to facilitate the adjustment of the feeding amount.

Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer

2. Lower box

-The lower box body is the air chamber into which hot air enters, and works with the bed board to complete the task of evenly sending hot air into the bed. At the same time, the vibration motor is also installed on the lower bed body. The volume of the lower bed is related to the pressure drop uniformity and pressure drop fluctuation of the bed. Therefore, there must be a large enough volume of the lower bed. The lower bed also bears the dynamic load of all vibration participating bodies. Therefore, the lower bed should be designed into a box frame structure.
-The lower box body shall be equipped with vibration motor, so the lower box body shall be larger than the upper box body, generally 4-6mm. The outside shall be strengthened with channel steel and the inside with round pipe.
-The lower box body is divided into two air chambers with a diaphragm. One air chamber is connected with hot air and the other with cold air. A certain distance is reserved between the diaphragm and the bottom plate of the lower bed body to facilitate the circulation of bed plate leakage and cleaning water.
-The lower box is provided with air outlets for air exhaust. Considering the strength of the upper box, it is generally made into a circular shape, and 4-6 air outlets are generally made according to the size of the fluidized bed.
-The lower box is a box structure, and there will be dead corners after the bottom plate and side plate are bent and welded. In order to prevent material accumulation and facilitate cleaning, a triangular plate closing is welded on the dead corners.
-The lower box body is provided with an ash cleaning port below the discharge port, which is made into a round shape, and the top is added with a blind plate for quick connection.
-There are many ways to reduce the vibration of the lower box, mainly using rubber spring and inflatable air bag.

3. Upper and lower boxes
-There are two main ways to connect the upper and lower beds. One is flange bolt connection, that is, connecting the flanges of the upper and lower beds with bolts. This method is not very convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the fluidized bed. In view of this situation, our company designs a way that can be quickly connected and disassembled, as shown in the figure below:

Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer

4. Bed board

-The hot air makes the materials become fluidized in the vibrating fluidized bed through the perforated plate. Experience shows that the larger the opening rate is, the harder it is to ensure the fluidization quality. The opening rate is generally in the range of 3% - 10%. The openings are generally distributed in an equilateral triangle, and most of them are straight holes with a diameter of 1.5-2mm. A tongue hole can also be opened at the feed end according to the humidity, followed by a straight hole. The bed plate can also be designed according to the materials.

Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer