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Working principle of sludge disc dryer

The disc dryer is composed of a horizontal shell and a main shaft with steam heating, transmission system and electric control system. A plurality of heating discs are installed on the shaft, and the discs are equipped with scrapers with adjustable angles. During operation, it can not only heat the material, but also move the heated material along the direction of the discharge end. The steam distribution device inside the rotating shaft can make it neatly and evenly distributed into each heating disk. The steam flows in the disks on both sides of the disk to keep the heating disk at a constant temperature, and the condensate is discharged through the rotating joint at the shaft end.

With the rotation of the main shaft, the materials are fully stirred and mixed under the joint action of the scraper and the disc to increase the large heat exchange area. The waste gas generated after heating is discharged from the top of the shell, and a weak vacuum is maintained in the pipe to prevent the steam from leaking out and avoid inhaling too much cold air.