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Characteristics of sludge single shaft disc dryer

Sludge single shaft disc dryer, disc sludge dryer and disc sludge dryer produced by Binda drying:
(1) Conductive drying, no direct contact with materials
(2) The drying degree of final sludge can be changed flexibly according to the requirements of customers, such as reducing the moisture content of sludge from about 80% to 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% and 5%.
(3) It can be designed for the production line and used in conjunction with the previous and next processes
(4) Applicable to all sludge disposal schemes (incineration, landfill or use as fertilizer)

(5) The oxygen content in the equipment system is low, which eliminates the possibility of dust explosion
(6) The sludge load in the machine is large, which can ensure smooth operation even if the feeding is uneven
(7) The structure is firm and durable
(8) The rotor speed is very low, 4-5 rpm, with little wear
(9) The design is very compact, but the heat transfer area is large, and the equipment occupies less land and plant space than other dryers
(10) With less maintenance and good continuous operation, it can operate day and night to ensure more than 7200 hours of operation every year
(11) Low installed power and power consumption
(12) In case of power failure, it can be started in an emergency and operate stably

(13) The drying equipment is completely sealed, with less odor and good working environment
(14) High market share
(15) The cover on the upper part of the fuselage can be fully opened for maintenance
(16) Steam, hot water and heat transfer oil can be used as heat sources.
(17) Disc dryer can be used in semi drying process or full drying process
Applicable materials:

The product is widely used for drying fish meal, bone meal, dyes, pigments, sludge, chemicals, pesticides and other powder products.