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What are the characteristics of single shaft disc dryer?

1. The cylinder of the dryer is a jacketed structure. In addition, the mixing shaft and disc are hollow, with steam circulation. The heating area is very large, the body can be smaller and the drying effect is good;

2. Due to the use of low-grade steam for indirect heating, and the jacket is set on the outer wall, there is no large amount of air to take away heat, so the steam utilization rate is high and the operation cost is low;

3. The steam does not contact with sludge, and the amount of insoluble gas is small. It can be incinerated in the furnace with little secondary pollution. It is understood that the disc sludge dryer of our company has solved the problems of high sediment content and large wear of sludge in China, and has played a great role in covering sludge, municipal solid waste and sewage treatment.