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What are the precautions when using the sludge disc dryer?

1. Observe whether the current is within the rated value of the motor, otherwise find out the cause immediately and solve it.
2. For different materials, pay attention to control the feeding speed to ensure smooth operation, especially do not force a large amount of materials to be added.
3. The material loading volume, i.e. the height of the discharge level, can be adjusted by the discharge adjustment mechanism. After adjustment, the position shall not be changed at will.
4. Note that the temperature of the bearing body shall not be higher than 70 º C, and high-quality grease shall be filled in time. Timely adjust the cooling water volume of the cooling device at the bearing body and shaft seal packing.
5. Open the sight glass cover on the bearing body and observe whether there is leakage at all seals. If there is leakage at the packing seal, press the packing gland or replace the packing.
6. The gear meshing part shall be coated with lubricating grease in time, and pay attention to dust prevention and dust cover.
7. Overpressure or overload operation is not allowed.
8. After the first week of use of the equipment, drain the lubricating oil in the reducer and replace it with new oil of the same model.
9. Clean up the materials in the machine during shutdown.

10. When parking in winter in northern areas, it is necessary to drain the water in the machine.